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We are very proud to announce that SGC Anouchka Champagne on Ice has been recognized as the best persian in the world in TICA (the largest cat association in the world) for the 2019-2020 show season. She was also the 17th best AB cat of the year!


Welcome to Anouchka Cattery website. ​We are a small Cattery located in Quebec, Canada.

Anouchka cattery is registered with TICA, CFA & CCA since 1983. Right now, we have 9 cats; three persian males and six persian females.


Our cats are true members of the family, which means they live with us. They are treated with love and respect and they get all our attention.

We are renowned for our obsession with certain features: cats with small ears, amazing temperament and excellent health. Balance between the body structure and the head type is essential. For us, quality comes before quantity.


Over the past 10 years, we have produced numerous Supreme Grand Champions and Regional Winners and last year we just added 4th International Winner! And she did it again this year! IW SGC Anouchka Adelaide earned 3 IWs during her show career.

We are specialized in bicolor and van and more recently added smoke and silver tabby as well as solid red to our palette. We are working with American lines such as Boberan, Bolo, Bocasana and PartiWai as well as some of the finest Europeen lines, Miro and Roggenstein.

We invite you to take a look at our cats. For more information or comment about our website, just write to us

Brigitte Pouliot

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