The Anouchka Ladies

RW SGC Meisha Anastasia of Anouchka

Sire: Jovan Julio of Meisha

Dam: Meisha Violetta

Many thanks to Pierre Rouillard for this amazing girl!

IW SGC Anouchka Adelaide

Sire: IW SGC Chatd'Or A Sky Full of Stars

Dam: RW QGC Chamourais La Belle Histoire of Anouchka


RW SGC Pearly Pond To The Moon of Anouchka AKA Alice

Sire: Windy Valley's Play Bodly to Win

Dam: Windy Valley's A Hug from my Heart


Many thanks to my dearest friend Andie for this wonderful baby girl.

RW SGC Anouchka Pretty in Pink AKA Molly

Sire: IW SGC Chat D'or A Sky Full of Stars

Dam: RW SGC Roggenstein Touched by an Angel


RW SGC Roggenstein's Touched by an Angel AKA Angie

(CFA grand pointed)

Sire: El'Abisai Highlights of Roggenstein

Dam: Roggenstein Spice Girl


Many thanks to Tina for this gorgeous siver patch and white.

Anouchka Champagne on Ice

Sire: RW SGC Anouchka St Elmo's Fire

Dam: RW SGC Meisha Anastasia of Anouchka


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